Kitulgala is a Rain Forest which attracts many residents and foreign tourists for its natural beauty. The experience in Water Rafting in the picturesque Kelani River covering 5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids. This activity is for anyone above the age of 10 years with safety gear, modern rafts and a comprehensive safety briefing will be given. The river and its surrounding will make you feel enchanted, with a memorable experience during your water rafting in Kitulgala.

Following things to do if you are planning a trip to Kitulgala,
White Water Rafting in Kelani River
Flat Water Rafting for Kids in river branches in Kitulgala
Jungle walks to see beautiful rivers and waterfalls
Mountain biking on the roads or in the forest
River bathing in the shallow branches of the main river in Kitulgala
Visit pre historic Belilena caves in which the 12,000 year old skeletal remains  of the prehistoric ‘Balangoda man’ (Homesepiens Balangodensis) have been found
Visit to remote Waterfalls and streams
Waterfall Jumps and Waterfall Abseiling
Bird Watching
River expeditions
Sri Lankan Rice and curry for lunch and Curd with honey must is highly recommended to experience the local food flavors.

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