Galle is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka, 116km (72 miles) south to Colombo, which overlooks the Indian Ocean. Portuguese were the first visitors who decided to stay there and make it their home. After the Portuguese, Dutch took the control over them and later British people came in 1796, who remained in power until Sri Lanka Gained independence in February 1948. In 1988 the Fort was entitled for UNESCO World Heritage-listed site and is now one of the most desirable places for real estate in many countries.
There are two lovely spots to sit and sunbathe in relative privacy at Light House Beach downa handful of steps by the main working Lighthouse in the Fort or Lady Sea Baths, where you will find local women swimming fully dressed due to the predominantly Muslim occupancy of the Fort. The southern coastal belt is the most popular area among the tourists and it comes to life mainly from October to April when the monsoon moves northeast and the sea becomes calm with blue skies. The earliest European administrative center of Sri Lanka was the major port and the largest city until the British shifted the port to Colombo. The City of Galle had been the European administrative center over 4 centuries.

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